Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill





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17 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

    1. I also like the cartoon. Apparently Johnson when asked what constituted a proper word said something like "a word is a proper word if it can be understood by the person to whom it is addressed", perhaps that applies to spelling as well. I used to get brassed off by spelling errors on public material. I have given up moaning about it, but that might be age,

      1. Thanks Bob.
        I can't seem to help getting brassed off by spelling mistakes on public material.
        Public grammatical mistakes like the one in the link below (all over bus shelters now) affect me in the same way I'm afraid.
        I'll work on it... *twitch twitch*

        1. Red Mist activators abound - my particular unfavourite is "Phosphorous", which has a specific meaning, but not the elementary one intended by the folk who should know better.

  1. Could have been placed on a Red Grouse Moor now that the figures are out for the number of pairs of peregrines removed plus the young birds trying to create a new territory! The same sought of people who do not care as long as lead is flying and 'I'm all right Jack'.

  2. Grammar last week, spelling this week - standards are slipping. I would complain to M Gove but I took my GCSE's 20 years ago. Thanks for pointing out the slip have sent a corrected version fro Mark to post shortly.


    1. I presume Mr. Gove will say that as you haven't quite got it yet you will have to keep submitting cartoons until you have proved that you are able to get it right.

  3. To John Miles

    I have just read the link you provided regarding peregrine persecution in the Forest of Bowland. It is staggering that this still continues today. Do you know if this is being investigated by the police?

  4. Chris - Its not just the Forest of Bowland. 77 pairs down to 11 still alive is across the Red Grouse moors of England. Like Hen Harrier deaths no police activity. You have to look at Roy Denis's web site to see young peregrines activity -
    where birds fly to well known nests sites only to be removed just like the former adult occupants. The worrying fact is no one is shouting for these birds!!


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