Oscar Dewhurst – Manx Shearwater

Skomer 05,6-07-12_0269-Manx-Shearwater


Oscar writes: When I was on Skomer, off the cost of Pembrokeshire, I was very surprised to see this Manx Shearwater perched on a stone wall during the middle of the day. They are nocturnal birds that breed on the island, but I was very glad to have the opportunity to see one in daylight.
Nikon D300s, Nikon 200-400mm f4 VR
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5 Replies to “Oscar Dewhurst – Manx Shearwater”

  1. Unfortunately, the brown residue on this bird's underside appears to be oil contamination. It's probably already ingested fatal amounts during preening and is on the way out - hence the reason it's loafing about on land in daylight.

    1. I thought about oil, but did wonder if it had just emerged from a very muddy hole. Mind oil makes even more sense with it out in the day - unusual!

      1. Good photograph, it might be interpreted as a variation on Ralph's recent cartoon perhaps? The impact of humanity on the natural world?

  2. What was the date? It looks to have wisps of fluff in the plumage? Was it a young bird that had just failed to fledge the previous night? A bit surprising a passing gull had not had a go at it if it had been out of its burrow for long.


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