Branching out

May 2
I May be able to identify this one…

You know how keen I am on plants – I wouldn’t want to walk on anything else.

And so, it may come as some surprise that I am quite excited about starting to do some plant monitoring. There – I’ve said it.

I promised the nice people at Plantlife last autumn that I would give their Widlflowers Count a go, as the ‘Wildflowers Path’ option didn’t look completely beyond my rather rudimentary plant identification skills.

This week, a nicely produced bundle of information and instructions arrived and I have been reading them with interest and enthusiasm.

Coming in at the most basic level, I have to go for a walk and record which of a list of fairly common plants I see. And then do it all again in a couple of months’ time.

I was pleased to see that the 1km square that I have been allocated is one that I know.  That helps a bit.  It’s a square that is a little to the north of my local patch of Stanwick Lakes in the Nene Valley. I know where to park and I know what route to take.

Apparently I have arrived in a transition year when the scheme is changing – but I don’t really need to know that to do my bit.  I will be participating in what is, or will be, the National Plant Monitoring Scheme (which sounds very important – and probably is!).  Plantlife has teamed up with the JNCC, BSBI and CEH to make this scheme.  Good for all of them!

Don’t worry – I will be accompanied by someone much better at plants than I! But, at first glance, the information I have received looks really helpful. We’ll see. I’ll let you know how I get on.

You could sign up for this year too if you are quick!



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2 Replies to “Branching out”

  1. Good idea Mark. Is the bush in the photo a hawthorn? It is said that its scent is an aphrodisiac. You might need the whole tree though! I thought you trod on linnets? A good slow walk in the country (or anywhere really) allows for the recording of birds and plants as well. I,m doing it the other way round. No, not walking backwards.


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