Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

electioncampaigning2015The general election campaign hasn’t really started yet! Are we all looking forward to it?






4 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. In the way I look forward to a trip to the dentist: I hope I may feel better when it’s over…but several more trips may be necessary…

    1. I trust my dentist Mr P****ici far more than any politician. He knows what he is doing, considers the evidence, describes the appropriate treatment options, we discuss the best way forward – which usually involves a sticky filling and waiting to see what happens. Whereas Mr G**n, my MP, just sends me a standard dismissive letter slavishly following his party’s line. Perhaps we should invite dentists from Iasi to run the country, and send our politicians to Romania to train as dentists.

        1. So, the countdown has begun …. forty days & forty nights – after which we’ll all need Noah with his ark to save us all?

          Just imagine if the nation did write ‘dentist’ across their ballot papers, what a message that would send and what would be their reaction be, that is to say the redundant politicians not dentists?

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