Some things

  • bit of a hullabaloo over the RSPB being reasonably reasonable here
  • …and an amazing attack on the RSPB’s credibility by the Countryside Alliance who say they agree with everything the RSPB says and always have and always will and love them to bits and just want to give Martin Harper a really big hug and.. and.. but maybe I got that wrong and you should read it yourself.
  • Jonathan Franzen – good writer, bad analysis and a quote from me in the Guardian
  • if Mike Clarke were Prime Minister
  • Mike McCarthy – always worth reading – and the best thing the coalition government has done is…?
  • amazing journey of the Blackpoll Warbler – one of the last-arriving US warblers whose black cap presages the death of spring (unlike our own Blackcap warbler)
  • have you seen a High Brown Fritillary? I have, though it’s quite a while ago. Your chances are improving. Aren’t Butterfly Conservation great?!
  • this is interesting – I wonder how it’s getting on?
  • we’ll all be flocking to this no doubt!  Who would want to miss hearing Amanda Anderson, Keith Cowieson, Teresa Dent, Duncan Thomas, Tim Baynes, Lindsay Waddell and the Duke of Westminster all at the same event?  It was attending this event last year, and speaking at it, that persuaded me to stop dithering and launch an e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting!
  • #HaveYouSeenHenry?
  • Penny Anderson and David Goode (whose book was reviewed here last Sunday) are the joint winners of the CIEEM Medal.
  • take a look at the Vote for Policies website – it may surprise you, which party you really support
  • As for many others, it was a surprise to find a leaflet asking me to join the Hawk and Owl Trust fall out of British Birds this month, with a plea from Chris Packham to join. Chris Packham is now the ex-President of the Hawk and Owl Trust having left for reasons of differences over policy.
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11 Replies to “Some things”

  1. I think what the Countryside Alliance (CA) need to appreciate is that the LACS is quite definitely not a lunatic fringe organisation. They are reasonable people seeking the proper welfare of all animals but especially wild animals. The other thing of which the CA need to take notice is that while in most cases it may be their land, the wildlife that is on that land it is most definitely not theirs to do with as they often do. It is everyone's, to be conserved, including the species that might interfere with their "sports".

    1. "They are reasonable people seeking the proper welfare of all animals but especially wild animals."

      Really? Why then do they oppose it being made illegal to be cruel to wild animals?

      And if they are against cruelty why do they SUPPORT herds of wild deer flushed by dogs having to be GUNNED DOWN ASAP?

      And why do they OPPOSE people walking dogs through woods and flushing out deer unless they KILL them all?

      1. Giles, while I have sympathy with your point regarding deer flushed by dogs, your constant single-issue ranting, complete with CAPITALS, is a bit tiresome.

    2. & their land which we as tax payers subsidise through agri-industry welfare payments? What do we get back?

    3. Exactly.

      As the majority of humankind is completely anthropocentric, there need to be organisations which speak up for other beings and their legitimate interests.

      If 'conservation' means 'conservation only for the benefit of humankind' there is something very wrong.

  2. "◾As for many others, it was a surprise to find a leaflet asking me to join the Hawk and Owl Trust".

    Not that surprising - I have had an email from Joe Duckworth asking me to tweet - in spite of the fact he has put in place a court order which means he can have me locked me up for several months if I do - all because he might get upset if I protest about wildlife getting shot.

  3. I don't understand why RSPB cant just undertake a review of their charter and get it amended to address the anomaly?

    1. Circus - they could. Are you a member? Have you asked them to do that? Although is it an anomaly?

  4. Being a member of LACS I am obviously part of a illogical and extreme fringe which I suppose coming from the countryside alliance is a great compliment. Against fox hunting, badger baiting, dog fighting and generally killing things for fun - surprised I'm allowed to walk the streets I am. However, it has really sunk in just how bad a state the uplands are in and why - an 'Upland Alliance' that's clearly dominated by shooting interests? Yes obviously a rational, comprehensive assessment of all the issues facing upland Britain with consideration of full range of options for economic development and supporting rural communities within an ecologically sound and sustainable framework will be presented at their annual seminar - my arse. Know the answer already, but what in god's name is Song bloody Bird Survival doing at a conference on the Uplands!?! People of upland Britain do not fear we will save you from evil raptors! Maybe if the uplands were not seen primarilly as a playground for people for whom shooting clay pigeons is not quite good enough their fortunes would start to reverse.


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