Marching on

James Marchington has a go at me in something called ‘ishoot’.


Apparently I am having a mid-life crisis and should have run off with my secretary on a Harley Davidson instead of campaigning about the ills of grouse shooting. Thanks for the advice James.

There was a time when James wrote rather good pieces about the grouse shooting industry, like this one ‘Poisoned eagles and the Osborne connection‘ which I’ve always considered quite brave of him.

At least James is clearly reading this blog, as do so many involved in grouse shooting, and he has assimilated some of the arguments it seems:







And James is really irrritated by Henry and by you too – at least if you were one of the hundreds of attendees at Hen Harrier Day rallies across the country.  I’ve met James and quite like him (and he writes well). Have you met James Marchington? No? well he knows all about you – you are a ‘mithering anti’ apparently:





Ban driven grouse shooting.

Watch the video mash-up of Henry’s travels on YouTube.


14 Replies to “Marching on”

  1. I’m quite cheered by stuff like this. The quality of argument (lack of) is a measure of their inability to muster any real counter to the case for banning shooting.

  2. I agree with Derik – once the man is attacked rather than the argument then there’s nothing to say…a la Scottish Gamekeepers Association’s Bert Bain.

  3. Sounds like a complete chancer trying to up his profile on the back of your hard work.

  4. Under the ‘poisoned eagles’ link the comment made by unknown on 20th Dec 2013 seems very prescient.

  5. Now lads….you wouldn’t be wanting to listen to any of this science malarkey! Specially when Jock, the deaf, blind and dumb keeper has a well remembered anecdote!

  6. ‘Mithering anti’? Now that would look great on a T-shirt…thanks James. Oh and if you don’t understand the arguments Mark has a rather good book out at the moment called ”Inglorious’ which will help…

  7. We were both at Buxton last weekend and it was a pleasure to irritate you James

  8. Marching on? Good job you did not use ‘Marching on Together’ You would not know what that stood for. Dedication and togetherness is not what you seem to be. Who in their right mind would except a large donation and then totally ignore it!!!

  9. “…like the finger in the air figure for the number of hen harriers that ought to be nesting in Britain’s uplands”.

    A really scurrilous comment as he knows perfectly well that the figure is a reasonable estimate based on measurable information on the area of suitable habitat and knowledge of hen harrier behaviour and typical nesting densities. It is an estimate and as such the ‘true’ number will lie somewhere between upper and lower confidence limits but, wherever it lies, Marchington is perfectly aware that a population in the English uplands that you can count on the fingers of one hand is a long, long, unacceptably long way from it.

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