Wuthering Moors 51

email to Dr Mike Clarke, Chief Exec of the RSPB.


Dear Mike

How are you getting on with your complaint to the EU over Defra’s handling of the Walshaw Moor case and its position on burning of blanket bogs in general?

I have asked Defra how they are getting on but they have invoked ‘international relations’ as the reason they can’t come clean on the matter.

Martin Harper promised an update quite some time ago on his blog – although I can’t now find that mention!

As an RSPB Life Fellow I am very pleased that the RSPB lodged this complaint on this important matter. What’s happening please?


Yours sincerely




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  1. “International Relation” Is that a Government insider term, or a JokeJoke.
    Either way, I really don’t understand!!!!!

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