Thank you from Chris Packham

m8ALFD4rG4jR50EoMj_a--6ZDFGIz0oYz3X9zg3FAJoChris Packham has released a short video to thank the people who have supported him after the Countryside Alliance demanded that the BBC should sack him. It’s worth a look – it’s only a bit over six minutes long.

As well as thanking the 70,000+ people who signed an e-petition to support him, Chris asks those folk to do some things for nature:

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10 Replies to “Thank you from Chris Packham”

  1. Fantastic news that the CA want Packham banned from the Beeb. The louder they howl, the more you know you've stung them!
    Keep up the great work Chris, maybe we can win this after all. Despite all the many friends that the CA have in parliament or the magistrates courts, just maybe, if enough of us shout, we can really win this. But we must shout LOUDLY.

    1. The Andy Richardson / CA is up to a 'massive' 2,550 supporters, but perhaps they are of the clique Paul describes?

      In excess of 72k real people have come in behind Packham. That's democracy of arround 28:1 ....

      1. See Andy Richardson is now saying he is going to join RSPB and encouraging his H,F & S buddies to do same, as then it will have to respond to 'People Power'. Oh dear, poor, poor man.

        1. If this becomes some sort of membership infiltration arms race, the evidence of these two petitions suggests that there are a lot more people sympathetic to Chris Packham and the RSPB than shooting interests. Perhaps that's the way forward - a mass join-the-CA movement by non-shooters. I wonder, does the CA actually refuse membership to those living in towns?

  2. Well done Chris,you have earned every one of those signatures,funny trying to get you sacked has done exactly the opposite plus gave you the chance to give publicity on the video to good causes.

    1. It's the impact of the lead on their thought process and failure to undertake risk assessment or a cost benefit analysis?

  3. It's good to know just how rattled these people are getting.
    As far as I can see, a lot of people in the CA are used to doing what they want, and a lot of toys are being thrown out of prams now.
    Just because you have money or power doesn't mean you can ignore the law of the land forever.
    People find this way of spending time distasteful and downright cruel.
    In a modern world bad traditions need to disappear as it shames us.
    Keep up the good work Chris!


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