Our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting passed 19,000 signatures inside 2 months (late July, Aug, some of Sept).

Last year, it took over 5 months to reach the same level (late May, June, July, August, September, October, early November).

Thank you to all who have signed already and promoted it- keep going please! We’re on a roll!

Please sign here to make the Westminster government listen – ban driven grouse shooting.


5 Replies to “E-petition”

  1. This figure should have another nought on the end by now. Less than four months to go!! Come on people, write to the RSPB and ask them why they are not supporting this. Mr Avery gives them enough support!
    Everyone on this site knows of this issue, please, please don’t assume that others do. You’ve got to tell them! If 19k people tell another four birders we are there!!!!

  2. I do not want to to see it banned. Grouse shooting evolves a great deal of conservation work to create the right environment for the grouse to thrive in. This also allows many other species to prosper. If it were banned, who would manage these moorlands with no financial incentive. Nobody!.
    That’s why the ROB and others won’t back a ban.

    1. Mr pere – you ought to read my book, Inglorious, and then you might change your mind. Yours are some of the usual arguments – and they are wrong. thanks for your comment.

  3. We are the generation with the knowledge and understanding if we don’t do something we will carry the blame

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