400 waterfowl will die from lead poisoning in the UK today

800px-7.5_CartridgesThe estimate of c73,000 waterfowl being poisoned each winter in the UK by ingesting lead ammunition means that c400 will die from poisoning today. And tomorrow. And Sunday. And Monday.

Poisoned – hardly a clean kill.

See these videos about lead poisoning (here and here and here and here) and then realise that you can help stop this unnecessary death toll, and the suffering that goes with it.

Please sign Rob Sheldon’s e-petition to ban the use of lead ammunition. this e-petition is supported by the WWT and the RSPB. Please make sure it is supported by you.

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5 Replies to “400 waterfowl will die from lead poisoning in the UK today”

  1. You need to do an “Inglorious” talk in Pendle, Mark. Only 19 signatures on your petition about banning driven grouse shoots and none on Rob Sheldon’s asking for a ban on lead ammunition. Anyone reading this from Pendle constituency?

  2. If 400 die per day directly from the effects of lead poisoning, how many suffer from problems arising from poisoning that have an adverse impact on their reproductive rate, etc?

  3. Again another statement relying purely on exaggerated estimates. No evidence of these deaths no one is finding sick or dead waterfowl.

    1. Derek – you say no evidence, so you have read the peer-reviewed scientific paper from which the estimate is derived and dismiss it completely on the basis of…

  4. Mark, that is slightly disingenuous, the new report is not strictly peer reviewed without bias. But the methods have been, in previous publications. And it is fair critique to say the exposure parameters used are based on data do old it may no longer be relevant.

    However, this critique I make, only means that estimate could be lower. In the same vain the conservative assumptions made on other issues could mean the estimate is higher.

    Either way you get lead poisoned waterfowl. Given how much you stress the importance of good science and evidence led policy it is right that we get answers on the current state of risk to waterfowl.

    Re the old arguments being raised again. Acute lead poisoning from 1-3 shot picked up in a heavily shot site (inland flight pond where compliance is very low) will kill a duck very quickly. Local predators will already know this. How many who shoot loose a shot bird but find it the next day half eaten. All that said, where are the half eaten carcasses. Well take 73,000 birds evenly distributed across inland Britain – not a high density.

    The next one could be important. Where is the biggest exposure to lead shot for waterfowl wintering in the UK. Is it UK or Russia, Latvia etc. To wrongs do not make it right, but it may mean birds who arrive in UK in October may already be poisoned or at risk of passing lead shot ingestion mortality threshold.

    If a lead ban does not ensue the current regs need improved and better policed. And we need new evidence, with a transparent process that will allow for more restrictions if it shows there is still an extensive or increasing problem.

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