Back to normal?

After the run-in to the end of the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting (which keeps edging upwards, but stands at 33,647 signatures), and a week of blogs about lead, it’s time to get back to normal (for a while).

January was, however, a record month for this blog, with a record number of unique visitors (26,266 – more than 4000 higher than the previous best) and the third-highest-ever number of page views (97,529).

As well as being the Birdwatch readers’ Blog of 2015 (of which I am quite proud) it has just been brought to my notice that I was mentioned in the ‘Prestigious Lefty Awards‘ – no really, I was!

Me and Jeremy Corbyn – what could possibly go wrong?!?

Mark Avery
Mark Avery

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn



6 Replies to “Back to normal?”

  1. Congratulations, Mark. I do see you missed out on the ‘ bringing sexy back to socialism’ award. Never mind, that one can come next year.

  2. Politics to one side, J C has an interest in drain covers. His photos bring us beauty and restore pride in our industrial past. He makes ordinary things extraordinary. Bit like the BGBW: mass observation; big discoveries.
    Look down as well as up, and listen too. Mass movements are on the way (no, not that type).

  3. Well done Mark ! Though it is strange times we live in when trying to stop people poisoning themselves is seen as ‘lefty’.

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