Looking forward to BAWC conference at the weekend


I’ll be speaking at the BAWC conference on Saturday and will be around on Sunday too.

I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll bring a few copies of Inglorious with me

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1 Reply to “Looking forward to BAWC conference at the weekend”

  1. Used to attend the old DOE conferences down in Bristol which seemed a long way to travel from 'up North'! Those were the days of registering people who owned birds of prey and really created breeding in the falconry world instead of taking birds from the wild. There used to be licenses to take wild birds especially Peregrines from Red Grouse moors and these kept the Peregrines alive as they were worth something to the keepers who always got a back hand from the falconer who wanted new blood for his breeding. Sadly you will not find a nest on a Red Grouse moor any more as there are no licenses and no Peregrines!!


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