15,000 signatures on Day 14.

Last time it took 5 weeks not two weeks: the time before, it took almost 12 weeks.


Thank you very much – all of you who have signed and spread the word.


7 Replies to “15000”

  1. This is looking good. However just a word of (tech) advise. This time I had loads of problems trying to sign from mobile. Eventually had to use laptop to get around an Android error, so potential signatories with same errors shouldn’t be deterred from trying alternative web sources to get this signed.
    And That, is possibly the most nerdy blog comment I have ever made.

    1. Thanks Jan. This wasn’t very recently was it? My PC security software is currently telling me that there is a security problem with the petitions website and doesn’t want me to visit it. It may be all of .gov.uk. I wonder if it is a hacker’s April Fool joke.

  2. Norton Security has suddenly decided to block the petitions website as a dangerous website both in Chrome on my laptop and on my Android phone. This may potentially deter new signatories that haven’t yet signed and should be looked into. This happened when following links to the BDGS petition. The problem Norton has is a ‘Drive-by Download’ whatever that might be!

    1. It’s a wider problem, it seems that Norton has decided that all of parliament.uk is dangerous. Let’s hope that means it gets fixed quickly. Here’s a link to the Norton community, some of whom seem prone to conspiracy theory: https://safeweb.norton.com/reviews?page=1&url=parliament.uk

      By the way, when you get the warning message you can click to continue on to the website…

      1. Well, to be fair the UK parliament is pretty toxic, just ask a disabled person.

        It is screwed up if the petition site is being flagged though.

  3. Had problems with links for Ban Driven Grouse petition and also Ban Toxic Lead, as Norton warned of ‘security risk’. This began on Saturday morning (PST). At least 5 people commented on the Norton site about problems they also had accessing petitions from UK. Hope it will get sorted soon. This is tampering with democracy in the worst dirty tricks sort of fashion. The petition should get an extension for the period of this interference. Hope those responsible can also be identified.

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