Letter to my MP

Dear Mr Pursglove

101628.jpgYou must be pleased that our constituency of Corby, the East Midlands, England, and the UK all voted for a Brexit.  Personally, I was gutted by the result.  I read your Westminster newsletter with interest and I must commend you on the way that you wrote about the result; very calm, very measured and not gloating at all. Well done, and I wish more politicians behaved as well as you did.

I see you are supporting Andrea Leadsom in your party’s leadership contest. It’s not my party but your choice will be my Prime Minister – giving you any comment or advice on this matter would be as pointless as asking you for advice as to how I might vote if Labour gets around to having a leadership contest. Crikey!

But I thought I would inform you that my e-petition calling for the government to ban driven grouse shooting has passed 53,000 signatures and is heading, perhaps, for a Westminster Hall debate when it reaches 100,000 signatures. And you might be interested to learn that Corby has recently passed 100 signatures making it above-average in the strength of feeling on this issue. I don’t know how you feel about that (and there is no need at all for you to reply to this letter to tell me).

When I have recovered from the shock of the Brexit vote then I might write to you again asking how you would see agricultural payments being made once we are out of the EU.  It is quite a tricky question – but I’ll ask it at a later date.

So, for now, with best wishes and

Yours sincerely


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2 Replies to “Letter to my MP”

  1. I was all for Andrea Leadsom for PM mainly because in my opinion there is no one else worth considering at the moment, and then I heard she is pro fox hunting and wants to bring it back. That raises all sorts of questions for me and no doubt many others who are totally against hunting, if she's pro fox hunting who knows what other forms of hunting she is for and will seek to make legitimate. Well I can tell her now, it might sway the Tory hunting brigade but it will not go down well with a huge part of the electorate. Anyone who is for any form of cruelty to animals of any description is not fit to become PM and does not get my vote.

    1. Quite right, Nirofo.

      Though I never rated AL because she seems particularly smug and is a Brexiteer, I too heard her say she is in favour of repealing the hunting act - apparently, it's not good for animal welfare! - and she has other illiberal views.

      Let's hope the Tory hunting brigade is not as large as we fear.


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