M&S in the news for planning to sell high-lead grouse meat


Chris Packham’s video which asks M&S not to sell grouse meat shot with lead in their stores, stating that he will boycott M&S if they do, and asking people to sign the petition to ban driven grouse shooting, has made the news.

Perhaps for readers of this blog, the most interesting piece of the coverage in the Telegraph and Mail is the quote from the RSPB in the Mail:

This illegal persecution of wildlife, when added to the intensification of the management of moorland (more burning, damage to peat areas that capture carbon, and the medication of grouse) is causing a number of serious questions to be posed to the grouse moor managing community and those that sell their products.

It is up to Marks and Spencer to demonstrate that the grouse that they put on the shelf is safe to eat and that it’s been sourced from moors that are managed in a legal and environmentally sustainable manner.‘.

So far, M&S have not produced evidence of any such type. We are still waiting for them to respond in any substantive way to Chris Packham’s points or consumer concerns.

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8 Replies to “M&S in the news for planning to sell high-lead grouse meat”

  1. Pleased to see that the BBC confirmed that, far from abusing his position, Chris Packham is absolutely entitled to express his own opinions outside of his employment with the corporation. The accusation that he is abusing his position is completely hypocritical - the shooting organisations would be more than happy to receive and quote any support for shooting were a BBC presenter to provide it.

      1. Indeed - an example that is also rather relevant to their accusations of 'celebrity bullying'.

    1. Apparently, they already do since they use Alexander Armstrong (and other TV personalities) in their promotional material.

  2. Be good if the grousers followed the Oscar Wilde approach. Sue him for libel and prove your case in court, I dare you!

  3. If ever there was a time for a boycott to work it is now: M&S shares down again;



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