Fizz! Cheers M&S!!


Well, sometimes you need to celebrate, don’t you. And although I would normally go up market from this I did want to spend my money with M&S to mark their sensible change of mind over selling grouse meat in their stores this year.

Although M&S do sell champagne in their stores, my local outlet doesn’t sell champagne with an M&S label on it – and that label was important to me.


How many M&S customers have signed this e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting?



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14 Replies to “Fizz! Cheers M&S!!”

  1. I’m waiting for a response from them further to good old fashioned snail mail then I too might go back to shopping with them.

    Then again they may well ignore my correspondence as someone of no standing, a mere ‘phleb’?

  2. I have run out of Hen Harrier….must order some more!

    Just realised that 100000 people have signed, indicating that they did not accept the Government’s initial response.

  3. I signed the Petition on first day I expect. I am pleased M&S stopped selling grouse. I rarely buy food in there, but will shop there again now. You are really changing opinions Mark. Well done. Enjoy your drink. Cheers.

  4. Apparently Mark 111,896 had signed as of just now, with a signing rate of 90/hr. Still been in the top three for most of the day; haven’t seen the ‘rival’ pro grouse shooting petition up in the top three today, although it was yesterday.

  5. We just found a couple of frozen M&S croissants in the freezer. Can we now eat them without feeling guilty?

  6. I’m faced with a dilemma, as luck would have it a letter from Rhys Chaloner, Execuive Office (I wrote to Steve Rowe, CEO) awaited my arrival home this evening.

    M&S have not answered ANY of the eight questions I asked, NOT one! How hard to have managed a couple, even one? Instead he included a snippet from their Plan A blog that they’d recently updated!

    Come on M&S, is this the way to bring back customers to your stores?

    1. Richard, I didn’t catch it but a friend was kind enough to report the score at midnight as 118,811. You may have a fan in unexpected quarters!

      1. Jim, I saw that one but it was so obviously fraudulent that I ignored it. Anyway I wouldn’t want to appear OCD!

        Mark, I can’t currently post comments to your blog from my Android ‘phone. I wonder if others have this problem.

        Looking forward to Birdfair now.

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