Police and BASC get kids onto the North York Moors

BASC joins forces with police to get youngsters on the moors.

Yet another example of close working between police and BASC.

Planned activities are expected to include:

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  1. Dave Dick says:

    You missed out community engagement - "Get orf my land!"...

  2. Paul V Irving says:

    so here we have the police giving money to BASC to take primary school kids onto the moors for a unique wildlife experience in an area that is rife with wildlife crime associated with driven grouse shooting and where estates are starting to try and exclude raptor workers.To cap it all in the capital of English wildlife crime North Yorkshire ----- You couldn't make it up

  3. Mike says:

    Could include a spot of target practice too, maybe a snare setting competition, how to handle poisons safely and then all have a hide and seek the poison competition! What fun.
    Perhaps if C.C. Dave Jones and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan are that keen to see the proceeds from stolen goods go to good projects they could look at some training of their staff on better approaches to Wildlife Crime! I would certainly propose the project for a grant - in case they aren't allowed to apply for themselves!
    Ridiculous! I hope that the young people give them a rough ride.

  4. Michael Whitehouse says:

    Would it be possible, as a result of this collaboration between BASC members and North Yorkshire Police, to just taser buzzards, hen harriers and other birds of prey rather than blast them full of lead or poison them?

  5. SteB1 says:

    Presumably there will also be lessons in how to tug your forelock, and turning a blind-eye. Followed by a talk on how the lack of breeding Hen Harriers is down to Foxes, and conservationists shooting them to frame poor innocent grouse moor managers.

  6. Mairi says:

    “These conservation days will provide an unforgettable experience for youngsters who may not even be aware of the local habitat and will allow them to find out all about life on the moors through the eyes of a local gamekeeper and through tailored activities.”

    Ah 'tailored activities', they won't be setting, checking and emptying snares, then. That really would make it an 'unforgettable experience'!

  7. John Miles says:

    And to cap it all Channel 5 is having a program on tonight [Tuesdays 9pm] on how the North York Moors and Dales National parks are so full of wildlife!!! -'Yorkshire a year in the wild'

    • Richard Ebbs says:

      Interesting John. Just seen a trail for this on Facebook, no red grouse to be seen but peregrines, gannets, red squirrels, seals etc. Avoiding the seamier side perhaps but may be worth checking out!

      • Nimby says:

        John, Richard - perhaps we should all tweet or email Channel 5 asking them if they are going to cover raptor black holes on upland monoculture grouse moors in next episode?

        I did wonder why 'they' didn't put up a remote controlled Hen Harrier on Fylingdales as part of the defra / NE promotional spin to resolve the problem?

  8. Mike Groves says:

    Unlike Scotland, England unfortunately and unquestionably has several permanent raptor persecution hotspots which need addressing. Surely any form of public educational engagement should be welcomed as being both potentially progressive and bridge building?
    Without doubt illegal practices and attitudes of the past can change with time. Take for example Glenogil in Angus.


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