It’s not all beer and skittles, you know!

No skittles at all.

Researching a book requires great application and diligence.

And birds can pop up anywhere. This Grey Heron caught me by surprise. Note it is the  Garza Real (Royal Heron) in Spanish. The Purple Heron is the Garza Imperial. Is that because only emperors can wear purple or simply because it is a very superior bird?  Good name, whatever.

And then there are in depth interviews to be done too.

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2 Replies to “It’s not all beer and skittles, you know!”

  1. Purple heron IS a very superior bird but grey herons are pretty cool too! Love the mural!

  2. Looks terribly hard work Mark and so onerous, Makes one wonder why you bother and its keeping you away from Stanwick Lakes! All those passage migrants and fresh summer visitors you are missing but I suppose somebody has to do it.
    Perhaps now that I am retired I should take up writing, "Wildlife and me"?, "the Bowland years", "A Yorkshiremans' life with wildlife" "Conversations with keepers" (lies I've been told) or that special one for my friends Bill, Bill and Mick " Falling Down in Bowland and surviving" subtitled "Ouch, where's my glasses!"


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