Farming Today? No thank you.

I received this email a little while ago from Farming Today:

Dear Mark,

We’d like to interview you this afternoon for BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today programme about the appointment of Michael Gove as Defra Secretary. Would you be able to go to a radio studio sometime between 1445 and 1545 this afternoon? It will take about 10 minutes and be pre-recorded for tomorrow morning’s broadcast.

Thanks and best wishes


I have just replied:

No I don’t think so because the last time you interviewed me what was broadcast was edited unfairly and did not properly represent my views.  I do not trust Farming Today to be fair in editing the piece. If it were a live programme I would agree, but I think your programme is terribly biased.
thanks for asking.


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  1. Mark says:

    BBC has been reporting all day that environmentalists are uncomfortable (read outraged/baffled) about Gove's appointment, so this time I suspect your views would have chimed with the programme makers.

  2. Gwil Wren says:

    We have had a sucession of particularly useless Defra Secretaries who fortunately have not done much. Given Goves well known antipathy for the environment and his propopensity for getting things done I think anyone who cares about the environment should be very worried.

  3. Gordon McAdam says:

    Just heard Give describe himself as "a shy green" and stating that Conservatives are natural conservationists.
    I honestly have no idea what is becoming of us.

  4. Random22 says:

    Farming Today is the radio version of Countryfile, for the Daily Mail readers only. Having said that, I hear the NFU isn't happy about Gove either but in their case it is because he won't do what they tell him like an Environment Sec is supposed to. One of the three most dangerous idiots in politics has got one of the most important jobs. Par for the course, I suppose.

    • Richard Ebbs says:

      Perhaps he'll send all NFU members a Bible so they know how to change water into wine and a few loaves and fishes into an unending feast. No CAP required.

  5. Dave Dick says:

    Well done Mark..there is such a thing as bad publicity!

  6. Alan Parfitt says:

    Well said Mark, the quality of the BBC has been going down and down over recent years pandering as they now do now to, the hype, to the dramatic, personal drama and difficulties, and the "what's in it for me brigade". They even " bend" the news these days to incorporate these aspects. So you did quite the righ thing.

  7. dr m parry says:

    And what was F.T.'s response to your accusation? I think licence-fee payers have should have something to say about that, if they did mis-represent your views.

  8. Michael Whitehouse says:

    I gather when TM the PM asked Gove if he would be Environment Sec he said he would give it a stab and put his back into it.

  9. Jane says:

    So glad you did that, Mark. Well said. I can't trust the BBC these days - they are sounding more and more like the mouthpiece of the Government. What is going on?


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