Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

Ralph has had hundreds of cartoons on this site since April 2013. What do you think of them overall?


7 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. Only a fool living in a land of fake news, false teeth and Dupe source would eat that.

      1. A wise man acknowledges when he is in error and seeks to correct it, Murray, while the fool plunges blindly on rejecting all evidence of his mistakes!

        Sadly, a lot of fools seem to have their hands on the levers of power here and elsewhere in the world.

        1. But a fool can do both. And every time he’s reassured by his peers he gets worse. But thanks anyway, Jonathan.

  2. One of my favourite moments of the General Election was being mansplained by a gentleman who informed me that, ‘Britax means Britax’, before ending the conversation by sagely noting that ‘as Stanley Baldwin once said, we are a proud nation of housekeepers’.

    Did he perhaps mean Stanley Unwin?

  3. I’ve voted in your poll, and I do love the Saturday Cartoon from Ralph, I just wish the retweet function displayed the cartoon as well as the link. I generally download the cartoon and reupload it to Twitter along with a manual link just to get it to show. I don’t know how easy it would be for you to modify the Twitter feed preview, but it would be great. Please do not get rid of the Saturday Cartoon, thanks.

    1. Random22 – I don’t know either but I’ll have a look. Although my recent attempt to upgrade the social sharing buttons wasn’t entirely successful. If anyone has a hint then that would be useful.

      Sharing on Facebook works much better in this regard.

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