Last chance to sign

Les Wallace’s petition to the Scottish Parliament closes today – with over 1100 signatures it has done well.


Please sign to help it run over the finishing line…

‘Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to sponsor a comprehensive and independent study into the full economic impacts of driven grouse shooting.’

This petition in Scotland is pushing at an open door – but it is certainly still worth showing that you support it.

Please sign it and get your friends to sign it too.

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5 Replies to “Last chance to sign”

  1. As in so many cases we are depending on Scottish leadership for an urgent environmental issue.

  2. Well that explains it! I looked at the petition to see what the final tally was this morning and it was 1,257 a hell of a big jump from 1,100 when I last looked yesterday afternoon, think that was in no small way due to your prompt Mark - I definitely owe you a pint! Thanks everyone who has been supportive and although the last count came to just over 1% of the total for the last BDGS petition chuffed as it's a pretty good score for a Scotgov petition - I did one before re recycling in schools and it only reached 198, but still got a hearing with MSPs and was reliably informed afterwards that that petition was almost certainly responsible for the commissioning of a report into the standards of teaching and practice of reduce, reuse, recycle in Scotland's schools. Our petitions do make a difference. Anglophile though I am (lived in Gloucester for six years) I have to admit on issues like this the Scottish parliament is way ahead and I just can't see a repeat of that 'debate' on the BDGS petition at Westminster last year which lacked basic good manners, logic and even a nod to the democratic process ever happening up here. I am in the process of collecting info for the hearing with MSPs the petition should get - fingers crossed. Thanks again! P.S Not one identifiable rep from the grouse shooting sector signed, isn't that strange....


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