NEWS: well done Fareshare!

From the Fareshare website:


‘FareShare’s guidance on wild game

FareShare can accept wild game providing it meets EU standards for human consumption.

Following FSA advice, we are unable to redistribute game to charities where pregnant women or women trying for children, toddlers or children are being fed.

Wild game products must always be accompanied by on-pack labelling guidance regarding frequency of use and suitable consumers.’

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5 Replies to “NEWS: well done Fareshare!”

  1. Wonder what the EU standards are like? Maybe they are tougher than the FSA's haphazard approach?

    But good news.

    We need to get this into the schools and education authorities where the keepers try poison children in the ne of education.

  2. And meanwhile:-

  3. Well done everyone! Including Ian Botham, he'll just have to eat all that partridge curry himself now.

  4. Regarding "EU standards for human consumption" that Fareshare might apply. My understanding is that the EU has set no limits whatsoever for the concentration of lead in gamebird meat offered for human consumption, even though it has done so for a huge range of other foods. Funny that.
    However, the European Union Maximum Level for meat from bovine animals, sheep, pigs and poultry is 100 ppb w.w. (0.1 mg per kg w.w.). So maybe Fareshare plans to apply that limit- let's see. Many gamebirds have a lot more lead in their flesh than this - even those individual birds with no detectable large pieces of shot in them on X-rays. If you want to read more about this, you can in "Potential Hazard to Human Health from Exposure to Fragments of Lead Bullets and Shot in the Tissues of Game Animals" in PloS One
    It's open access and free.


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