John Ranson says ‘Ban driven grouse shooting’

John Ranson is the Environment Editor of The Canary and says:

As environment editor on a mostly political website, I’m always looking for topics that cross the boundaries of nature, politics and social justice. I was already a Hen Harrier Day regular and of course the issue of driven grouse shooting is completely tied up with politics and social justice. How can it be right that huge swathes of the countryside are put at the disposal of a niche activity for the super-rich? Especially when that activity seems incapable of existing without the wholesale destruction of numerous species, including legally protected birds of prey. Grouse shooting has had over 150 years to become a responsible activity and it’s failed. Time to stick it in the dustbin of history.


To join John Ranson, please sign Gavin Gamble’s e-petition which calls for a ban on driven grouse shooting.