Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

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7 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. Absolutely right about consumerism. I think the famous quotation that President Kennedy made in his inaugural address is appropriate, that is “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,”

    1. If you are still using the machine on which you downloaded Les Horribles Cornettes in 1992, then yes

  2. Came across this entertaining piece via @earthgardener

    Spot on particularly as the silly season approaches. Perhaps time to rethink giving, what is a day of anyone's time worth to another person instead of materialistic gift? Particularly an older or younger person, take the nephew/niece/grandchild/grandparent out into the nearest woodland with a homemade (plastic free) picnic, could be redeemable in any season not just 'Winter'. Spend a day with them walking and showing them natural wonders, if they can't walk too much take them things for a 'pop-up nature table'?

    Imagine how much healthier people will be, less stress, less on the overdraft and happy times with everlasting memories spent with people we care about?

  3. Not sure Apple is a good example they support upgrading the phones for many releases of their iOS system.Adding new features across years of use. We also pass the phones up the family when some at the bottom gets a new one...


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