A letter to my MP

Brexit and EDM1963

Dear Mr Pursglove

I see you voted against the government’s Brexit deal yesterday evening.

I assume that you will be voting against the No Confidence motion today.

I think you will be on the winning side again.

But just for the record, your views on Brexit and mine are poles apart. I voted Remain, and I am still of that view. I accept that your views are different and that your views might better reflect those of your constituents than do my own views but neither of us can be sure of that after the years of chaos that have followed the referendum. I would like the electorate to have another opportunity to express their views and so I support a People’s Vote.

On another matter, I would ask you to consider adding your name to Early Day Motion 1963 on the subject of lead ammunition which was recently tabled by Caroline Lucas MP. The government position on this is bizarre – Defra refuses even to consider making the use of non-toxic ammunition mandatory. This is one of the worst aspects of Conservatism – living in the past and ignoring the science of the present. I strongly expect that this EDM will attract support from other parties but very little from your fellow Conservatives but you can prove me wrong and I ask that you do, please. As a backbench MP you can give the government a nudge in the right direction and help to prevent the Conservative Party being seen as the party in favour of poisoned food and a poisoned environment.

Please read EDM1963 and consider signing it. If you do not feel able to sign it I would be very grateful if you could take the time to explain to me why not.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mark Avery

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2 Replies to “A letter to my MP”

  1. Anyone who voted to defeat a government by the greatest margin in history for a bill which was 2 years in the making and then votes confidence in that same government the next day, is quite simply a liar.
    Then the next day after that these same people will be preaching about morality.

  2. Mark
    Thanks for supporting Caroline Lucas' EDM and writing to your MP about it. I've written to mine as well. Do you have any further advice on tactics for those of us who have done that? I notice that it is easy to check which MPs have signed. Is it worth doing that and asking your MP again if they don't sign? How long have they got to sign up?


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