Paul Thomas remembers

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  1. Tim Melling says:

    I always looked forward to Paul's cartoons every Saturday and was sorry when they stopped. But I put his Tabloid History of Birdwatching on my Christmas List and spent most of Boxing Day reading it and laughing out loud. I think it appeals to people of the Look and Learn generation (which ran from 1962-82). Viz did a similar spoof with "Read and Learn with Naylor Hammond BSc", who talked about Henry Ford's Rocket being the first train, but I like Paul's book more with all the contrived bird connections. I do hope it's a success and he continues to produce more.

  2. Jeff P says:

    At first glance I did a double take on the headline thinking it read "Paul Thomas rememberED". Thankfully that's not the case as I greatly enjoyed his cartoons.

  3. Paul Thomas says:

    Still hanging in there!

  4. Paul Thomas says:

    Very kind if you Tim! I’ve a half written book on crime if I ever get time to do it...


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