Top Trumps! 100,000 signatures

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12 Replies to “Top Trumps! 100,000 signatures”

  1. Fantastic result. Well done Mark, Ruth and Chris as you put a shed load of effort into this. Great timing with the Birdcrime report too! This year feels especially significant in the battle for our raptors and other wildlife!

  2. VERY Well done CP; MA & RT - onward and upwards. It's a monumental achievement in so short a time. And it's still winging along.

  3. Absolutely brilliant Mark, Chris and Ruth fantastic result in such a short space of time. Just shows those wretched driven grouse shooters (for fun) how much support there is for banning there cruel so called sport.
    Also especially pleasing is to beat Boris Johnson’s date for dissolving Parliament. ( I wonder (tongue in cheek) if his real reason for dissolving Parliament at this critical stage in the Nation’s fortunes was to try to ditch Chris’s petition, in which case he has failed hopelessly.
    Lastly there is a very good article in this month’s British Wildlife written by RSPB personnel about restoring RSPB Geltsdale. Reading this article just makes one realise how much total destruction is done to grouse moors, besides the killing of our wildlife, in the name of driven grouse shooting and therefore why it should be banned.

  4. 19:32 Sunday 1 September 2019 the target was achieved, let's keep it rolling as we prepare to write more letters to our MPs ahead of another Westminster debate. Let's still keep talking to people about the #wildlifecrime in the uplands needed to underpin the slaughter which is #drivengrouseshooting which in turn has negative impact on any public benefit in trying to address #climateemergency.

    If there was a conspiracy it failed, but let's not kid ourselves this is another skirmish in their war on our wildlife.

    So, massive congratulations to Wild Justice and massive thanks to all associated with signing and promoting. Here's to the next phase ....

  5. Just a fantastic effort from everyone involved. I honestly didn't believe this would happen so quickly.
    Things are changing!

  6. I haven't had internet access since Saturday morning when the petition was heading towards 90,000 - so when I finally managed to check the tally ten minutes ago I was absolutely delighted to see it's at 102,000 plus! What a phenomenal achievement and a bloody relief! Very well done Wilds Justice! It would be great if we could get to 123,000 plus and beat the the last BDGS petition to get a parliamentary debate, so a bit more chance we can get a proper one this time!However, at the moment the feeling of relief is being savoured and appreciated. A very good start to a Monday morning.


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