Seen by a reader posted in West Meon, Hampshire

Well done Phil Lavender. There was also a police notice asking people to call 191 if anyone knew anything about bird of prey killing.


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  1. This is hugely depressing as it’s my local patch. We are fortunate to have lots of Buzzards, several Kites and regular peregrine spots, but it’s also a huge pheasant shooting area. Good on Phil Lavender for reporting it at least

  2. It does look suspicious Phil, however in a well wooded district, as you describe, a Gos can nest
    somewhere totally unrelated to where kills have been found early on.
    Also, could the shooter reliably separate Gos / Sparrowhawk ?, dont wish to build your hopes
    up, you are probably right, and well done for reporting the twat.

  3. How ironic (but not in a funny way). Gamekeepers need to talk to farmers. Farmers want to get rid of wood pigeons, here is nature doing it for them at no costs and bang, shot by a game bird shooter.

  4. I used to see Goshawk quite regularly about 15 or so years ago in West Northamptonshire. Once even in my garden eating a pigeon. However, with the intensification of pheasant shooting I have not seen one locally for a long, long time.

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