An unresponsive MP

So far I have had no response from my MP to my letter to him of a month ago – see here. This is very disappointing and I hope it doesn’t mean that Mr Pursglove has a more sizable majority he is going to ignore his constituents…

Note added later: A response arrived in the post today – I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

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4 Replies to “An unresponsive MP”

  1. He no longer feels he has to be polite to you. Like our own MP, he is now able to show his complete contempt for his constituents that admit to not voting for him.
    You Sir are a thorn in his side and he wishes you to go away.
    Please keep up the great work! Thorns are good.

  2. You may differ in views and not vote for him BUT he is still your MP and surely honour bound to reply even if it is a poor reply. Anything else is contempt by him for the whole parliamentary system.

  3. He's probably quite busy, whatever other considerations apply. Now that I'm Lord High Admiral I'm busier than I was before the election.


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