I wonder…

  • when the Cabinet reshuffle will come and who will get the DEFRA job?
  • when DEFRA will respond to the Godfray report on Badgers? Commissioned two years ago, published 16 months ago and no response yet.
  • what the new DEFRA licences for lethal bird control will look like and when exactly they will be published?
  • when DEFRA will move to ban burning of peatlands?
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8 Replies to “I wonder…”

  1. The reshuffle will come whenever the next round of bad news needs buried, and whoever gets the job will be a crony; who will respond to the badgers report with waffle barely concealed contempt for the general public, the Defra licences will be a deliberate shambles, and any move to ban peat burning will be enacted on the thirtieth of February.

    You cannot treat any Tories as if they have any intention of acting in good faith. Just take that they are all bastards who will lie in order to get what they want as the general starting point. There is no point trying to work within their systems, they are all illegitimate.

    1. Thoroughly agree. Almost not so bad for us living in Scotland but you just have to look at how much of the news is filled today with the 'Look a dead cat!' idea of a bridge from Scotland to N Ireland.

      There's a greater chance of a united Ireland as member of the EU than there is of that harebrained (or is it hair brained?) idea.

      Looking forward to seeing what Wild Justice have to say about what looks to be a reasonable approach to the General Licences recently announced by SNH...soon to be NatureScot.

      1. With SF winning in Ireland, and continually gaining ground in Norn, I wouldn't rule out a United Ireland; and frankly would probably campaign to see if we in Scotland could join it. But yeah, the news there will be border checks because of Brexit and may very well be food and medicine shortages, and look the dead cat bridge is back in nicely distracting headlines...

        Although one of the principle objections does draw attention to another issue, namely that the seas around Scotland and Northern Ireland were used to dump unused WW2 munitions and they have never been cleared up despite having washed up on both country's shores for decades. If you are gonna use them to draw attention to Boris' folly and arrogance, then their being there at all should draw attention to how Westminster has continually treated Scotland and Ulster as no better than colonies. Well, it is time for these last colonies of England to demand independence too! And England can damn well pay to clear up our seas and lochsides from their garbage too, bridge or no bloody bridge.

  2. Defra will be thrown back into a massive panic in a few months, preparing for the Real No Deal which is coming in December.


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