NEWS: No Bird Fair 2020

It was nice of Tim Appleton to ‘phone me with the news that the Bird Fair has bowed to the inevitable – the next Bird Fair will be 2021.

I’ll miss it, more for the friends I won’t see, than for the event itself (although it is a very fine event). Maybe we’ll be out birding by then and we could all meet at Rutland Water for an impromptu picnic – or maybe I’ll ask friends round to our place. Save the dates!


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  1. Mark, yes, I’ll miss friends old and new, and doing business but I’ll survive. Maybe some birds and habitats won’t. I would say that the biggest “miss” will be the £300K plus for bird conservation.

  2. I shall miss my two birthday buddies: David Lindo and Iolo Williams – we share the same date (but I’ve had it for longer). Also Richard is going to have to find somewhere else to buy my present!

      1. Sorry Trapit my friend I rather think not. I have no wish to rub shoulders with a host of folk who despise my views or commit or approve of wildlife crime. Yes there would be a few friends there too but I’m sure they’ll cope without me.

      2. Thank goodness they only postponed the Game Fair otherwise I would have missed both this year !Andrew Roughton

    1. Bob Philpott – seems possible but in 2014 I hadn’t even started organising one at this stage of the year. I’m sure that if we can gather, then there will be gatherings.

  3. What a shame but I guess such a lot of planning and advanced ordering and advanced booking goes into making the Birdfair that the potential cost if it was not to go ahead would be enormous. So they can’t take any risks.
    I do hope that Hen Harrier Day goes ahead.

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