NEWS: No Fin whaling in Iceland in 2020

The Whaling Station, Hvalfjörður

It’s been confirmed that there will be no Fin whaling in Iceland this summer.

Kristján Loftsson’s reasons for not going ahead, he says, include the difficulty of competing in the Japanese market now that the Japanese government supports its own whaling industry. According to Kristján, prices are low and costly testing for chemical analysis doesn’t apply to Japan’s own products.

Coronavirus work restrictions may also be a factor – flensing necessitates people working closely together. Rumour has it that Mr Loftsson had, and recovered from, Covid-19 in March.

Kristján also says that research is underway to develop dietary supplements using whale meat for anaemia, bone and blubber for other medical purposes and producing gelatin for food processing.

His current whaling licence lasts another three years so he could well resume next year, but this will be two years in a row that Fin Whales have been spared by Icelandic whalers.

No news yet on whether there will be any Minke whaling this year.

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3 Replies to “NEWS: No Fin whaling in Iceland in 2020”

  1. This surely can only be seen as a good thing, hopefully in the end all whaling in Iceland will stop permanently.

  2. Very many congratulations Mark. I know you have been campaigning at a high level to stop whaling by Iceland. This looks like a significant step forward to stop this totally barbaric practice. You are an unspoken hero and deserve a metal.

    1. Alan - thanks, but lots of people have put a lot more effort into whaling issues than I have. Let's see what happens in future.


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