An e-petition for Badgers

Badger. Photo: Chris Packham

Wild Justice submitted an e-petition to the House of Commons Petitions Committee over 50 days ago – they are clearly very busy but quite why it took so long, I can’t say.

But after a flurry of activity yesterday it was published around 09:30 this morning and we started promoting it around 10:30. By 12:30 it had passed 5,000 signatures. that’s amazing – and shows how angry people are about the DEFRA/Natural England/NFU Badger cull.

I hate making predictions but 10,000 signatures today looks more likely than not – particularly if you sign up and then ask your friends to do the same please.

Click here to view our petition against shooting of Badgers.

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3 Replies to “An e-petition for Badgers”

  1. Passed the 14,000 mark and it's not yet midnight on it's first day. Already requires a written response so I wonder how long before Defra churn out a the usual standard waffle ....

  2. I actually think the final target should be more like quarter of a million (oh no - I'm sounding like Boris Johnson). If Mark can marshal his energy, experience and networking skills as in the past, this is a petition that could resonate with a huge number of folk and organisations with widely different backgrounds and interests. A really big response would remind ministers that people who care about our wildlife have not 'gone away' any more than the virus has.


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