The Well-read Naturalist has reviewed…

I’ve been catching up with John Riutta’s recent book reviews on The Well-read Naturalist. I read all of his book reviews even those that are rather local to his part of the world, of northern Oregon. I read them because they are so thoughtful and so well written. I sometimes feel I’d rather read John’s book reviews than the books themselves.

He has recently reviewed The Oak Papers by James Canton published by Canongate. This is a book in which the author spends lots of time with an 800-year-old oak on the Marks Hall estate in Essex. I haven’t read the book myself but because John liked it, and liked it a lot, maybe I will.


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  1. Hello Mark, not applicable to blog really but such a big surprise locally that some naturalist had put a wildlife camera out and snapped a Polecat.
    I had not realised that they were in Dorset about thirty miles from coast.
    Would not think there is any doubt about identification as photo seems really accurate and the person really knowledgeable.

  2. Yes Mark nature is incredible. Both of us Ann and myself get really good feeling seeing rare birds and animals while equally enjoying lots of animals and birds that are seen all the time.
    We are really fortunate where we live to see most of the species ‘re-introduced by mostly RSPB and also several made their way here from the continent and now breeding, quite often birds I never thought we would see sometimes having incredible help from such as RSPB wardens.
    Big thank you to all those.

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