It wasn’t really like that…

Having done a good job in falling out with people who live in towns, people with degrees and people who work in conservation organisations Robin Page has a smaller and smaller pool of people with whom to fall out but he contines undaunted. He’s now falling out with the trustees of the Countryside Restoration Trust, some of whom are real country people.

I’m thinking of writing a book entitled ‘Robin Page – my part in his downfall‘ but it wouldn’t be a very long book. In fact, it would consist of just one word – ‘none’. Although Robin does need help, he doesn’t need any help in getting into scrapes.

He seems to think that I, and maybe Chris Packham, were plotting the downfall of the CRT. Apparently the way I did this was to write a reference for someone so that this person could infiltrate the CRT. I did, somewhat reluctantly, write the said person a reference but only after asking them whether they really wanted to work for Robin’s organisation? Really? Are you sure? Do you really think this will end well?

Having been mentioned in the Mail I am now getting people moaning about Robin Page to me and telling me stories of his goings on. Thanks, but I’m really not that interested (except on a ‘everyone is interested in gossip’ level). Any problems you have with the Countryside Restoration Trust should be directed to the trustees.


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  1. I suspect as the circle of folk he has contact with and can thus fall out with gets ever smaller, I suspect that soon the headlines will read Robin Page has furious fallout with himself and blames the rest of humanity for it.
    Have I sympathy for him, not one tiny, tiny thimble full.

  2. He’s making a very hard transition to old age, so he is. There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to acknowledge that he is no longer the boss and instead is just part of the chorus of onlookers harrumphing. It is different for women, of course, as we so seldom get the chance to be the supreme authority, in public anyway, in the first place. We get used to being ignored and brushed away. For men, though, that is a hard transition to make.

    Robin is making it harder for himself than most, and someone really needs to take him by the shoulders and gently encourage him to spend more time with his roses and slippers. The world has moved on from him, and trying to pull it back is both futile and bad for his blood pressure. The resistance to natural retirement for men in his age bracket, and social standing, is not helpful to anyone, least of all themselves.

  3. Remember when Mr Page was chucked out of Ukip by Nigel Farage ( rhymes with ‘garage’) in 2009? Hilarious, two madmen pretending to be national treasures.

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