Six weeks and 114,000 signatures

We’re not quite half way in the life of this petition supported by just about all the wildlife and environmental groups in England (it is largely, not completely, an English matter but that doesn’t prevent any UK resident helping wildlife in England). But I would say that we are not yet half way to respectability – which must lie at around 250,000 signatures – and I’d like to see an awful lot more.

Some things happened last week, and gave a modest boost to the total, and some things are happening this week (fingers crossed) but the NGOs will have to have a serious think at half way if they aren’t going to look a bit feeble – that’s just my view of course.

#stateofnature petition Please sign – thank you!


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  1. Magazines for NGOs are planned a long time in advance, however, getting fifty NGOs to sign up for this would have also had to have been planned well in advance. In the last couple of weeks I have received my copy of Tern(Norfolk NT) and Lapwing(Lincs NT). Not a peep in either of them.
    When I last commented on this petition it was in answer to another comment about the RSPBs response. In fact I ‘castigated’ them. Fair enough I thought since I had just received my Fellows news and there was no mention of the petition in that either. Also, they are said to be the coordinators of this.
    In fact, what I believe is that few of the signees to this petition have promoted it as they should have done. It appears that many have been asked to sign up but then left it to others to do the work.
    As for the petition itself, it’s bland. Click on it again with fresh eyes.
    We are bombarded with petitions these days and this is about the least eye catching of all of them.
    A petition from an organisation that nobody has heard of or signed up to. Bland in colour and content. Unambitious with its stupidly low target. To get to sign it you have to get to the bottom of the page, past the point where you are asked to email the PM.
    Come on, I mean really, where is the impact, where is the promotion.

    And if it sounds like I care it’s because I do. I want this to be signed by at least a million because it is IMPORTANT! It needs urgent emails from each and everyone of the signees to their members and it needs doing now.

    1. I agree totally but suspect that we will not be getting emails anytime soon from the sponsoring organisations we are individually members of and that is the real heart of the problem.

  2. However you look at it, it isn’t working and would be best abandoned now.

    And rather than assuming the leaders of these organisations are, by right, in the right it is time for some rather deeper reflection than has gone on to date. Dealing with the current Government is unquestionably difficult verging on the impossible but I fear the NGOs haven’t made much of a fist of it. I see big missed opportunities to get behind the carapace of indifference – Natural Capital and the land around our towns and cities, for example. Like the Labour party conservation has sadly failed to create a compelling vision of the future and this is perhaps because so much thinking is still stuck in the successes of the 1990s.

    And, sadly, I don’t really see where the badly needed inspiration and leadership is going to come from.

  3. I was puzzled and disappointed to see that the petition gets no mention in the latest issue of ‘Nature’s Home’ but another similar petition calling on politicians to adopt legally binding targets to ‘revive our World’ is pushed instead on Martin Harper’s page. This one has about 90,000 signatures at present. I wonder how many signatories have signed one but not the other of these two petitions and whether the petitions might in fact be mutually diluting each other’s impact.

  4. Should have been raised as a petition on

    Or perhaps lobbying laws got in the way.

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