It was a bit of a dull day when I did my first visit to one of my two Breeding Bird Survey squares – the sun came out a bit later. But an early morning stroll recording birds cannot ever be dull, can it?

I was hopeful that I might add Cattle gret to the bird list of this BBS square as several of the local Nene Valley birds have been seen in this area recently, but the field below the church had its cattle, and one by the river had sheep, and another further up the slope had a rather unprpossessing collection of ponies, but no Cattle egret. As some compensation, a Great Egret flew over – but I recorded one of those here a few years ago. I did add Shelduck to the bird list of this square though – two flew past – woohoo!

But the point of all this looking, listening and writing down is to be a small part of the bigger enterprise of assessing avian population changes. whitehtroats seemed to be doing OK, and there was a single Sedge Warbler singing where there used to be several, but birds were a bit thin on the ground although a singing Garden Warbler was a good record.

And this was birding with a purpose so it felt quite good. Maybe on the second visit the place will be buzzing 9and have Cattle egrets?) – but if it isn’t then, if that’s the same on hundreds and hundreds of other BBS squares, we will have learned something.

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2 Replies to “BBS1”

  1. In a rare moment of sunshine Dearly Beloved Mrs Cobb and I ventured outside on Friday the 13th with our cups of tea and before I threw the cold dregs away we had seen from our moss and lichen-encrusted seat a Goldcrest in a pink Acer, a Kite riding the gale at yew tree height, a squadron of Goldfinches at the top of a flowering cherry, assorted Wood Pigones, a Dunnock, a Robin and – I am thankful to say because I was getting apprehensive about their lateness – Spotted Flycatchers checking out the thatch, the grapevine and the chimbley pots

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