3.6 million reds under the bed!

I’m sure we all share the sentiments of Bob Neill, the CLG Minister, who attacked the National Trust for being a den of lefties.

It has long been a worry to me that the National Trust has been such an anarchic and, frankly, revolutionary body, always championing underdogs, speaking out loudly on environmental issues and attacking the establishment.  They have in recent years, almost taken over from Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace as being seen as the mad, progressive zealots of the environmental movement.  How scary it has been to hear the call to arms issuing from the mouths of National Trust land agents from the more attractive corners of Middle England!

And how perceptive of Ministers in the Department known as Crass, Loutish and Garrulous to realise that if their plans for the planning system have prodded the sleeping communists of the NT into action then there is nothing to be feared when election day comes.  No harm can be done by telling a few million nimby Tories that they actually are natural bedfellows of Tony Benn rather than David Cameron.

But seriously, for the paragraphs above were written with the faintest hint of the lowest form of wit (I stooped, I admit it), it is possible that the NT exagerrated slightly for effect when saying that they feared the urban sprawl of Los Angeles was heading our way, but then, many of us fear that Crass, Loutish and Garrulous do not have the faintest idea of what they speak when they mouth the words ‘sustainable development’.

Given that CLG is so proud, so very proud, of reducing planning guidance from 1000 to 50-odd pages perhaps they could pen a little essay on what sustainable development means in their vision for the planning system.  Two sides of A4 should do it, by the end of the week please?

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3 Replies to “3.6 million reds under the bed!”

  1. How right you are Mark (not right in the political sense). One wonders sometimes whether thses politicans really understand what they are talking about. Not very often one has to conclude. I look forward to Mr Neill’s definition of sustainable development

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