Ralph Underhill cartoon

Next week I will blog about badgers again, one day (not sure which day).

The definition of a cartoon.

Ralph Underhill is a talented cartoonist – more of his work can be found here.

Ralph Underhill: http://orangejam.boldlight.co.uk/


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14 Replies to “Ralph Underhill cartoon”

  1. Mark on my browser you are having a problem presenting these cartoons without hideous distortion. The image is stretched longtitudinally and compressed horozontally. It takes a while to scroll down to the punchline...but its worth the effort.

    1. Circus maxima - useful to know, but not sure I can do anything about that, sorry. Any suggestions by anyone to fix this? How many other readers have problems seeing this or other cartoons (or photos I guess)?

      Looks good on mine.

      PS even looking good on my iPhone

      1. Mark - it looks fine to me on your blog (in Chrome) but is distorted in Google Reader. But then it's not been a good week for Google!

      2. Hi Mark,

        It's a 3.5MB image at 5,824px × 4,976px (that's blinkin' huge!). Your site is designed to rescale the image to fit inside the main text column which is static (i.e. it doesn’t get any wider with resizing the browser window). Your visitors still need to download the much larger image just to see it rendered at ~1% its original size. And when viewed in RSS feed readers which won’t have your site’s template, we see the image rendered whole and have to scroll through miles of white space.

        I’d resize the image and save it smaller first before uploading it (it looks like the site scales any image proportionately to 600 pixels wide). Then no one will have this problem and the Ralph Underhill posts will load much more quickly.

        Hope that helps!

      3. Mark - am using IE, photos all look fine but this week's RU cartoon and one a couple of weeks ago have the distortion Circus refers to - a great shame. I will try another browser.

  2. "suggestions by anyone to fix this? "

    Try a different browser - several out there, all free.

    Looks fine on Firefox 15

      1. It's fine on my Internet Explorer browser and very funny. Is there a browser called Firebadger do you think?

  3. On Internet Explorer it is OK with me it just takes a second for the cartoon to populate the screen (is that the right word, I learnt it on some computer course somewhere)


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