I’m looking forward to this…

The second installment of the new BBC1 wildlife series on Africa is this evening at 9pm.

Was it just me who found the first episode amazing, enchanting, uplifting and intriguing?

Fighting giraffes, cunning little drongos, rhinos at night, leopards up trees, ostriches and more and more and more.

I watched some of the repeat on Sunday just to check that I hadn’t misremembered it.


What did you think of it?

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20 Replies to “I’m looking forward to this…”

  1. Mark, couldn't agree more. Yet again, Attenborough and team have taken a subject that I felt had been documentaried to death (in this case. large African mammals, but see also penguins, Galapagos, etc) and produced something enthralling and educational. From vocal rhinos to battling giraffes, the phrase "I had no idea" was never far from my lips and the idea that there is so much still to learn about even these well-studied species is incredibly exciting. Hats off BBC. Again.

  2. I thought it marvellous. I'm constantly amazed not only by the wildlife but the things the camera crews manage to show us with modern technology. Then there is David himself at a sprightly 86! Sadly I will be out tonight, so will have to watch the repeat on sunday.

  3. I always have to wait for the repeats as they put nature programmes on so late, apart from Winter Watch which is on a bit earlier. Africa was brilliant though. I never thought giraffes would fight like that.

  4. A wonderful start to the series, visually stunning and incredibly interesting at the same time.
    David Attenborough could talk for an hour about international economics and I'd be enthralled, which just goes to prove the old adage: There's no such thing as a boring subject...

  5. The only negative is that the general public think that all wildlife watching is so easy and should be full frame not a dot in the distance which it so often is.

    1. If there was a 'like' button for comments on this blog I'd press it John. Sometimes get the impression people come out on to our reserve almost expecting hordes of wildebeest sweeping across the fields in front of them and then feel let down when there isn't

  6. As the say on Sticktly come rubbish - FAB - U - LASS

    I constant stream of 'well I never knew that!'

    Just hope that some of these species survive long enough for the next generation of technology to provide ever more information about their hidden lives and that when Findlay is my age he still has the opportunity to go and see them for himself.

    Can't wait for the rest of the series

  7. The original idea was for a documentary all about Hen Harriers in Northern England but that had to be cancelled...

  8. I have to say that a neighbouring farmer wasn’t sure which was the better - AFRICA or news of David Bowie’s latest ‘record’!

  9. Marvellous, of course

    However these news stories serve to remind us that Africa's charismatic mega fauna are facing an uncertain future:



  10. best tv for a long while, just heard countryside alliance claim none of this would be there if it wasnt for the work of gamekeepers and shooting folk

  11. I’ve just seen (again) the BBC trailer for A F R I C A with the gorgeous Ewan MaCcoll written – “The First Time ever I saw your face” – background song

    Of course – I m old enough to remember when it first came out – dedicated to his wife Peggy (sister of Pete S) – mind you – that was in the days when I was a Paid-Up member of CND. And I only mention this because Mark doesn’t always believe what I write – so here’s another challenge for you Mark!

    Friday nights - 10 pints of Newcastle Brown and a copy of Peace News in the Victoria & Albert PH near Liverpool St Stn.

    Ah! Those were the days!

    My Labour Party membership number? L00544467 – a good Cribbage hand – eh? You should read MacColl’s book ‘Class Act’ – left-wing loony but great folk singer!

    Merlin - I wish we could ask Sir Peter Scott what he thinks

    Please try to understand - all wildlife will be better for it!

  12. Re : MK’s wall-to-wall Attenborough comment

    The truth is Sir David – in respect of “Wildlife Presentations” is unbeatable BUT he has aligned himself with fellow ‘anti-cull supporters’ and has said to the BBC Radio Times – “the scientists have looked at it – I’ll go along with them “– and then he participates in something he doesn’t understand – he shouldn’t – it’s all very sad!

    I'm still waiting for a promised reply from the "Trust" to my accusation of "misleading" its members and general public! Charities Commission next!

  13. Hi Merlin

    My ref to Sir PS was re your statement:

    ......just heard countryside alliance claim none of this would be there if it wasnt for the work of gamekeepers and shooting folk

    And as you say Sir PS would be enthralled with the programmes to be sure!


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