Maybe not the biggest surprise ever…

Yesterday’s Today programme (at around 0639 and 0812) disclosed that high lead levels can make us more aggressive.

We know that  ‘Lead damages the brain’ and ‘this is why there is a drive to keep lead levels very low and to keep lead levels in children particularly low’.

Hmmm.  Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Another scare story on lead?

Also in the Guardian.


PS Africa was amazing again – all those fruit bats, dying baby elephants, lilac-breasted rollers, carmine bee-eaters and shoebills (aren’t they scary?)

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4 Replies to “Maybe not the biggest surprise ever…”

  1. Mark - my God!

    I was going to make this comment a "joke" about exposure to lead (allegedly) making gamekeepers more aggressive towards Birds of Prey. Then I read the link to the Grauniad article... extremely glad I did, thanks for publicising it.

    I can only presume the lack of comments today indicates a kind of stunned silence as your normally vocal readers take all this in. I'd urge anyone reading who hasn't already this to check out the story.

  2. Wonder if the lead got into the lead miners as O Hs ancestors were lead miners and the Peak District was covered in lead mines with lots of rows of cottages that were built for them.At least one still used for showing visitors around(Magpie Mine)near Sheldon.When people complain about what a poor life they have now with anyone earning more than a £1,000 a week not getting another wad of child benefit I wonder how they would have liked living in those days with those working hours and conditions.Perhaps they should have some of those type of things open and everyone has a month in those conditions so they appreciate where they are now.

  3. Around the time when Chester lead works closed down, it was rumoured that many employees were having animated conversations with hats and coats that were hanging on hooks in the cloakrooms. I recall them continuing these conversations in the Spital Vaults after 5.30.


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