Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Popes and penguins

The new Pope is an Argentinian who has taken the name of Francis.

The Falkland Islanders, but not the penguins or albatrosses, have voted to remain a British Overseas Territory.

Does the Pope like penguins, I wonder?


Kentucky bluebirds etc

In two months time this blog will be going on tour in the USA.  I’m writing a book (more on this later) and am spending a few weeks this spring travelling and researching for that book.  I’ll be passing through Kentucky, Ohio, New York and many other states.  I’ll be writing a daily blog on my travels, just like I did a couple of years ago when I brought you tales of waitresses across the USA (see here, here) and the occasional bit of wildlife (see here, here). If you are an American reader of this blog and fancy getting in touch then please do so.  I’ll be travelling widely, and I have work to do, but giving the occasional talk to groups of birders and in return being shown some American birds could tempt me to change my journey plan.


Where’s Horncastle?

I’ll have to find out because I am speaking at the Lincolnshire Bird Club AGM on Tuesday evening.  Will I see you there? Will you buy a signed copy of Fighting for Birds?


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick is the patron saint of Defra – although he only banished snakes.  Amphibian and Reptile Conservation must be keeping their fingers crossed for the newts, frogs, toads and lizards



2 Replies to “Happy St Patrick’s Day!”

  1. Horncastle, east of Lincoln on the A158 Mark, loads of wooded areas and a Wildlife Trust reserve (further east of Horncastle) called Snipe Dale if you have time of course.

    1. Ah St Patricks, a day I always remember as it is also my partners birthday, spent this year with all the family plus partners on the Pembrokeshire coast wonderful.

      St Patrick, by all accounts a Scotsman is said to have banished snakes from Ireland because druids were covered in snake tattoos as it was their symbol of wisdom. Personally I’d rather have the snakes and druids than the catholic church and a narrow minded Scot, but each to his own

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