Minox review (and challenge)


Your (?) Minox binoculars having a winning day at Cheltenham races
Your (?) Minox binoculars having a winning day at Cheltenham races

Regular readers will remember that Minox sent me a pair of binoculars to review and that they will be auctioned on this site in the next few weeks and the money will go to the wildlife conservation charity of your choice.  So what do I make of the Minox 10x43HD binoculars?

I have become quite attached to them – and quite fond of them! I’m a sucker for a good pair of binoculars.

I have tested these binoculars at two racecourses; Cheltenham and Towcester (there is more to binocular testing than just birdwatching!). At Cheltenham they saw Balthazar King win the big race (which was a very good sight because I had backed him) and at Towcester they saw A.P. McCoy ride his 4000th winner (which was a very good sight because I had backed him too!).

They have been around my local patch at Stanwick Lakes a few times, to Scotland (where we

Your (?) binoculars having lunch at Caerlaverock
Your (?) binoculars having lunch at Caerlaverock

saw some Mediterranean Gulls at the SOC conference and Velvet Scoter and Long-tailed Ducks in the Firth of Forth), on a boat trip around the Farne Islands (another Long-tailed Duck and lots of Gannets), to Wales and back to the WOS conference (no time for birding but some nice autumn colours) and they have seen Red Kites from my office window at home.

There is nothing I dislike about these binoculars. There are lots of things that I like about them: the light-gathering is very good (noticeably much better than my old Zeiss 10x40B Dialyts in the gloom), they smell new and clean, they focus nice and close which would make them great for butterfly watching in season, the focussing of the independent (right) eyepiece is easy and crisp and, above all, you get a good image!  The eyepieces are nice and large – I like that too.  The cups on the eyepieces are comfortable on the eye.

These binoculars made a very good impression.  The first time I looked through them I thought ‘These are good’ and that impression has not been diminished or dispelled over time.  I spent some time, quite some time actually, looking at Red Kites from the bedroom window and comparing the Minox with my old and loved Zeiss.  I can’t fault the Minox on image quality, ease of use or anything else (the strap that comes with them is a little on the short side for my taste but that is hardly important).

Your (?)  binoculars saw McCoy's 4000th winner
Your (?) binoculars saw McCoy’s 4000th winner

If I were ever thinking of buying a new pair of binoculars, Minox would now be on my list.

These binoculars are now back in their box and can be your binoculars before Christmas.  Later this week I will post the bids for your support by Chief Executives of wildlife conservation organisations (I have been promised about half a dozen – they must arrive with me by 6pm today) and a bit later still you get to vote on who gets the proceeds of the auctioning of this very good pair of binoculars.



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18 Replies to “Minox review (and challenge)”

  1. The Open Meeting at Cheltenham Racecourse will be held on 15, 16, 17th November and kicks off with the Countryside Day on Friday 15th November.

    This iconic day has raised over £3million for the Countryside Alliance and other local causes since its inception in 1987. This year the event is in aid of the CA and Racing Welfare

    1. Trimbush - indeed. And I have attended the Friday a couple of times. Cheltenham then seems to be full of people who know nothing about National Hunt racing!

        1. Trimbush - I have been to many points-to points, but not in the last few years. Weak betting market of course.

  2. Yes - when we lived in Essex we followed the Essex Union, East Essex and Essex Farmers hunts - any P2P associated with the name "Turner" always won and was nearly always 'favourite' - but still a bloody good day out!

    1. Trimbush - I remember backing a winner at Mollington once which was then placed at the Cheltenham Festival at 33/1. But the wins are easier to remember than the losses!

    2. Trimbush - I remember backing a winner at Mollington once which was then placed at the Cheltenham Festival at 33/1. But the wins are easier to remember than the losses!

  3. The above blog conversation reveals all that is boring about inter-active blogs namely sparring and tosh!
    Point is, are these Minox bins going to be your next pair or are you sticking with the old 'uns? Get real, buy the Swaro 8x32 EL's, amazing bins and not expensive if you use them for 10 years every day….work it out.

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