Oscar Dewhurst – Foxes



Oscar writes: One evening as I was walking out to go home I spotted these two foxes together. I walked to about 40m from them and then lay down, crawling towards them until I was near enough for some photos.
Nikon D300s, Nikon 200-400mm f4 VR
Mark writes:  Awww! Don’t you just want to cuddle them? Or do you want to shoot them?  Or chase them with a pack of hounds?
Wildlife? Vermin? Somewhere in between?
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5 Replies to “Oscar Dewhurst – Foxes”

  1. The best pest control company we have in the UK....find it interesting those people who go out lamping at night to kill rabbits but also bag themselves some foxes.....why not just let the foxes take care of the rabbit problem!

    The Red Fox epitomizes everything that is good in an animal, inventive, cunning, great parents and real survivalist....exactly the reason why people hate them and kill them which is really pathetic. The Red Fox is simply too good at being a Red Fox and us humans can't handle any animal that is successful, shame.

    1. Ben - you're right in many ways I think - others may disagree. Badgers and foxes compete to some extent and influence each others' numbers (although I can't find the paper where this was shown right now). Kill all the wolves, and you get lots of foxes and badgers; kill the foxes and badgers and you get lots of stoats and weasels; kill all the wolves, foxes, badgers, stoats and weasels and you get lots of rabbits. Once you start on the 'let's kill them' route it leads you to some pretty odd and some quite nasty places.

      I'm not completely against some predator control in rare circumstances - never have been, probably never will be. But there is a lot of mindless 'culling' going on that is morally reprehensible and not very effective in achieving its aims.

  2. Cuddle OR kill? You are on top provocative form with this one Mark. Oh, they're definitely wildlife.

  3. Maybe when London votes to leave the rest of the UK the fox will become it's national symbol?


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