Last day to vote

…for the Fair to Nature farmer.

I voted for Graham Birch but all these farmers look very good to me.

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4 Replies to “Last day to vote”

  1. In my opinion these type of awards and encouragement will get farmers more wildlife friendly.Big stick approach will not work,after all they have in the past been asked to produce maximum amount of food and to change the mindset will take time,there is of course no illegal acts committed in producing their crops.
    My hope is that other farmers will follow the lead given by the type of farmers featured here,that in my experience is the way farmers take up variations on their farms.

    1. Dennis,

      I agree with much of what you say, I would also add that the key to getting more farmers signed up to a Conservation Grade standard of wildlife management is the consumer. Agri-environment schemes can only take us so far.

  2. Now that the poll has closed I can comment, without fear of biasing the voting either way (!), that Ian Crabtree is my cousin. I am proud to see what he is doing but his wildlife-friendly farming owes nothing to my influence!


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