Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill


Ralph writes: if we are going to succeed at tackling big problems like climate change and raptor persecution we need to understand that people are influenced by their emotions and values. Humans as a species are not fact-processing machines and we need to adapt our approaches with this in mind – for more information see




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8 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

    1. Thanks Helen. Not having heard of this particular campaign Google led me straight to a crib-sheet we aren't really meant to see that some numpty has placed on the internet for all the World to see that is not to be given out externally.

      Vote for Bob is a campaign to engage large numbers of people to speak up for nature in the build up to the 2015 General Election so politicians listen and put nature back on the political agenda and also to reach new audiences and inspiring them to support the RSPB. So it's about the money.

      Who is Bob? (Not his real name). A red squirrel. The campaign is intended to look like Bob is on his own campaign trail and the RSPB presence is only visible once you engage. The fact that Bob is a squirrel isn’t really important,although he isn’t interested in a political career and would prefer to spend the £500 deposit on nuts and seeds but insists this is not dumbing down - Oh No! It's vitally important for the RSPB to reach as many people as possible to inspire the whole nation about the pressing need to give the nature we love a home before it’s too late and market research told us that TV advertising and PR and social media is the best way to reach our target market and get support so it must be true.

      Only - for people who watch telly BOB is already the evil, leering, slavering, demonic presence from the Black Lodge that hides behind your sofa and climbs out of your mirror and hovers over you as you wake from sleep and is one of the most terrifying but ordinary characters to appear on TV so they might have been better advised to have a wise owl to front the campaign but then again the owls are not what they seem.

  1. Well latest letter from RSPB says vote for Bob but totally ignores the Hen Harriers plight,there is a surprise.
    Goes on to something they often go on about which they know nothing about in farming talking about hedgerows flailed as if it is a big problem,wakey wakey guys flail hedge trimming is the modern method of hedgerow management and absolutely nothing wrong with it.Come on time you spoke to practical farmers and learnt a bit about farming because you are quite ignorant of the facts and the way to learn is to ask,surely that is not beneath you.
    Letter says fields forsaken,whatever does that mean?.A complete mystery as I have never known a farmer forsake a field,come on Bob explain it to us farmers and ex farmers.
    What a farce all the expense of a special letter when they would not put something like a simple flyer in with the magazine when asked to support campaign of Hen Harrier.
    Guess they keep on about flailed hedgerows as it seems wrong to the general public and so by keeping on about it gets them good publicity.Shocking they know s** all about it.

    1. "come on Bob explain it to us farmers and ex farmer"

      Sorry Dennis, I wish I could but I have no idea what a forsaken field looks like either. It is a bit like those lowing herds that used to be around I suppose.

      Best wishes, Bob

  2. Bob,thanks for that it certainly made us laugh but even Bob the red could not explain it I doubt.Thank you for a humorous comment.Get terribly frustrated that RSPB do so many great things but put out absolute rubbish occasionally.
    Of course they have silenced me on forum to stop me carrying on about their lack of involvement with Hen Harriers by banning me but incredibly they then became more involved so in a way it was worth it but how strange to go about it like that.
    Never understand how some who comment on here believe a member meaning myself can be anti RSPB,surely if someone was anti RSPB they would not be a member,that seems logic to me.
    What tender skin they have.It seems they can criticise farmers all day long but a bit of criticism back they cannot take and resort to a ban.

  3. Re last week's blog about swifts.
    Saw swifts in North Derbyshire this morning, so not all gone yet.


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