A few things

Here are a few things in brief:

  • the farmland bird index declined in 2013 (as predicted here) – and to their lowest level ever. You are living in a country with fewer farmland birds than at any time in your life. Doesn’t it make you feel good? I’ll blog in more detail on this next week. By the way, it isn’t very easy to find this news on the GOVUK website.
  • September was the fourth most ‘successful’ month ever on this blog with 14,968 unique visitors and over 60,000 sessions. The three more successful months were the previous three (with June having over 22,000 unique visitors). This month is already in fifth place with a week to go. Thank you to all readers for making this blog so popular.
  • Remember that tomorrow is the RSPB AGM in Birmingham – you can attend the morning without payment if you are an RSPB member. I’ll be there, trains and buses permitting …
  • …but I have to be in Manchester to give a talk at the Manchester Science Festival on Passenger Pigeons in the afternoon.
  • Birdwatch is running a poll where Chris Packham and Owen Paterson should each get your votes!
  • Here’s an interesting job for someone: with WWF in Brussels
  • FoE are standing up for Devon’s beavers and asking for your support
  • In the November Birdwatch I argue that it’s time for an all out ban on lead, toxic, ammunition
  • UKIP have a strong lead in the Rochester and Strood by-election – see the comment by Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party, on the blog I wrote about it
  • Other interesting comments, because I know that many of you (understandably) won’t keep back-tracking to see what has been written, are the ones by Peter Cosgrove and ‘Jim’ on this blog about the Shared Planet programme
  • I gather I get a mention in the editorial of Country Life magazine – I dare say it isn’t complimentary
  • although the RSPB is first in line for an ill-informed attempted duffing-up by Ian Botham, the Wildlife Trusts – all 47 of them – are next in line it seems. Little doubt then that this is shooting attacking nature conservation. How revealing.
  • Here’s an ‘interesting’ US article about racism in birding – it’s a subject relevant to the UK scene, even if this treatment may not be,  but what do you think?
  • And here is another US article about men and women birding – hold on to your hats if you read this one!
  • talking about incendiary things – National Parks have called for sky lanterns to be banned  – I couldn’t agree more.
  • Owen Paterson said recently that wind power is a failure, a few days later wind power was generating a record 20% of the UK’s electricity needs.
  • in the October issue of British Wildlife it is revealed that Simon Barnes will be writing regularly for them from February next year…
  • …and in the same issue there is a favourable review of A Message from Martha (informed, well researched and thoroughly readable’ by Peter Marren…
  • …and also in the same issue there are several mentions of Hen Harrier Day and the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting
  • …and it’s getting rather passe now, but British Wildlife has a Hen Harrier on the cover, as does Nature’s Home‘s current issue, but Birdwatch got there back in July.  You wouldn’t have predicted that at the beginning of the year would you?

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  1. If you’re looking for a positive story, British Wildlife this month also have a paper about a wonderful discovery of an untouched population of freshwater pearl mussels.

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