I do like Mondays

I like every day. This Saturday I was talking at Martin Mere at the North West Birdwatching Fair – that was fun – and I’ll write about it.  And yesterday I was having a look at a few grouse moors in the North of England – and I’ll write about that too (though not necessarily here) – and that was fun too.  But, I do like Mondays.

My way of life these days means that I don’t have to go to work on Mondays. Yes, I work on Monday, but I don’t go to work on Mondays. I never minded going to work, but Sunday nights used to be the ones when I slept least well. I think that was because after a restful weekend I wasn’t whacked and my mind started thinking about the week ahead whether I wanted it to or not.

I particularly like Mondays when the weather forecast is fine – like today. On these days I try my hardest to start the working week with a walk around my local patch first thing in the morning.  I can hear the traffic noise of others going in to work and I just look at birds…

So, when you read this post, I will either be setting off for, walking round or having walked round, Stanwick Lakes. Enjoy your commute into work!

And here are some photos, just from my ‘phone, of my travels yesterday.


Mist in Yorkshire
Mist in Yorkshire
Clouds in Yorkshire
Clouds in Yorkshire
Grit for grouse in Yorkshire
Grit for grouse in Yorkshire


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7 Replies to “I do like Mondays”

  1. There are 2 species of Grouse [3 if you add Ptarmigan] in the UK so using the words 'Grouse moors' do not tell us what species the land was managed for. I presume you were talking about Red Grouse moors as few Red Grouse moors want Black Grouse as they cause problems on shooting days.

  2. What a great way to start the working week. I have the fortune to not work Mondays, and started my day this morning by walking with my dogs on the South Downs. I shared my time with skylarks, seagulls, and a kestrel flying against a backdrop of autumn colours lit by brilliant sunshine. Fantastic Autumn Monday mornings!

    1. kim - that sounds lovely. I'll tell you about my walk on this blog this evening. I had a nice time too.

  3. The whole day of the week thing is blatantly arbitrary. How do we actually know in the last millennium or so we haven't accidently skipped one and it's actually Tuesday?

  4. I once had a watch that had the days of the week indicated in (abbreviated) German. It was slightly dispiriting to glance at in on Tuesday mornings to see the word 'DIE' glaring back at me!


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