Done their time

Five parliamentarians who have done their bit for the environment are standing down at this general election. The danger is that they will be overlooked so here’s a very quick mention for them:

Joan Walley – chair of the Environmental Audit Committee through, possibly, its most successful period.

John Randall – birder who spoke out for wildlife throughout his period in parliament but particularly in the last 18 months when freed from the shackles of being Deputy Chief Whip.

William Hague – said the right things about climate change on the world stage as Foreign Secretary.

Alastair Darling – this is reaching back quite a long way, but made the right decision on an airport at Cliffe – No Airport at Cliffe!

Greg Barker – a good DECC shadow minister and minister.

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4 Replies to “Done their time”

  1. Time t'others were done too?

    The new breed of politicians missing bits of 'nature' in their DNA?

    Too many umbrellas sheltering those who abuse the windswept haunts of 'henry' and his clan?

  2. William Hague may have said the right thing about climate change but the government of which he was a member did sod all about it. He also said very much the wrong thing about grouse moors and harriers.


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