Dear Natural England

West Pennines-1Dear Natural England
This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations.
Please supply, in electronic format, the following extracts from Paper ref: NELG/S/07/4, Title: Designations Programme: Process to establish Gate Zero’, Sponsor: Dr Tim Hill, Chief Scientist, which was Item 4 on the meeting of the Natural England Leadership Group Strategy Meeting (Meeting number: NELG/S/07) held on 23 March 2015:
Extracts requested: pages 1-11 and 16-18.
Please supply this information within 5 working days as the task is not onerous, the extracts are small and the document has been exactly specified to make this task very simple. Please do not take 20 days to accomplish this small task as that is the maximum allowed under the legislation – do not use the 20 days to delay matters. Please do not contact me after 20 working days to say that you need more time as that would be completely unacceptable under these circumstances.
If you do not intend to disclose this information please do not wait 20 days to tell me, as that, again, would appear to be delaying tactics rather than dealing with this request in a timely matter. If you do not intend to release this information then please give a full explanation of why – enough for me to take the matter further through your complaints procedure and on to the Information Commissioner.
Sent at 10:47, 22 June 2015.
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5 Replies to “Dear Natural England”

  1. I see that Michael Gove was reported to be looking at altering FOI laws. Why is it this Government wants to change any laws that actually benefit democracy and transparency?


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